Monday, May 13, 2013

  • The diameter of mars is 6,792 km .
  • The length of day in earth days and earth hours for mars are 1 earth days and 37 minutes .
  • The length of year in earth days of mars are 680 earth days .
  • Mars average distance from the sun is 228,000,000 km .
  • Mars has two moons and they are Phobos and Deimos .
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  •  Mars surface is a dry , barren wasteland marked by old volcanoes and impact craters.the entire surface can be scoured by a single sand storm.
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  • Mars has a atmosphere.And the atmosphere is thin the atmosphere is too thin to easily support life as we know it.The extremely thin air on mars can also become very dusty.Mars atmosphere is made of Carbon dioxide,Nitrogen ,Argon .
  • The planet mars is named after the Roman god of war.
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  • Mars was discovered in 1659.
  • The average lowest temperature on mars is -1400 c and the average highest temperature is 200 c.
  • The mass of mars is 639E21 kg (0.107 Earth mass ) .
         Mars does not have rings .

In august 12,2005 mars reconnaissance orbiter was launched in searching for evidence of past water on mars .On September 29,2006 MRO took its first high resolution image from its science orbit .The image is said to resolve items as small as  90 cm (3 feet ) diameter.This points to past episodes of fluid alteration along the fractures and reveals clues into past fluid flow and  geochemistry conditions below the suface.

  • Mars is a terrestrial planet .
  • Mars is the site of Olympus mons ,the second highest known mountain within the solar system .
  • Once had large scale water coverage on its surface .
  • Mars can be easily be seen from earth with the naked eye .
  • Mars has approximately half the diameter of earth its less dense 
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